Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Denver part I

We arrived in Denver on Monday Night. My sister is living there right now. Next morning the sun was shining, so we decided to explore Denver.
we went to the Central Park with the kids
Denver is so beautiful, the mountains seems to be far away, but they are really close

a little christmastree-photoshoot with the cuties

next day we visited the museum - and again a beautiful day
in the museum you just see grandpa and grandma staff ;-)
it is a really nice place
american lunch :-) it was so yummy 
strolling thru Denver street
such a cool thing
like the houses here
and then we went to the zoo for the christmaslights and to see the santa :-)

a little sneak to santa
:-* this is to cute 

chatting with the santa
our outlet-mall-day starts with sun 
while I took some christmasdecorationpictures, my sister wrote some christmascards
I loved it here!
arrived at our shopping paradise :-)
Part two will follow